A Beginning

Our world is changing. You can pretend it’s not, but it is.

Thanks to technology, we’re more connected than ever before.  But divisive politics, social distrust, and economic disparity split us farther apart than ever too.

We have the intelligence to create an ever brighter future, yet our behavior is stuck in the past. We still struggle to be good to and for each other.

We wear labels to define ourselves or to be defined by others. But  we are all the same- we are human beings. We exist on this world together and want the same things- health, happiness, dignity, freedom. We don’t disagree about what we want. We disagree about how to get them. And sometimes, we disagree on who should get them.

Let’s be clear. The enemy we face isn’t each other, regardless of what politicians, pundits and preachers tell you to believe. The real enemies we face are fear and ignorance, and the messengers who use fear and ignorance to enrich themselves while pitting us against each other.

Fear of people who look different or come from different places or have different traditions because we are told they want to hurt us or take things from us.

Ignorance of new thoughts and ideas because we are told they go against traditional beliefs or are somehow evil.

We see the corrosion that fear and ignorance create and we feel their effects in real life. When challenging problems are exposed, we shy away from effective solutions in favor of scapegoating and sound bites.

The way forward isn’t easy. It demands engagement with each other, admitting that our current systems aren’t always right, that our current programs may need to change, and that our current leaders aren’t working for us all to benefit equally. The way forward means rejecting all notions of bigotry or superiority and embracing rational, straight forward dialogue with each other.

Politicians, preachers and pundits will keep trying to convince you that we are not all the same, that we are not seeking similar goals, that others are the enemy. Our job is not to continue to debate them on their terms, under their rules, sites.google.com/view/freemusicallyfollowers within their narrow world views. Our job is to create connections together, to forge plans that work for everyone, and to create a new, responsible, and lasting human experience. Our job is to thrive together.

We’ve been manipulated by politicians and corporate leaders, pundit… all sorts of people who know that a divided public is easy to mislead. They know single issue messaging they can drown out reasoned thought. They know if we doubt the integrity of our information we won’t know who or what to believe. They know how to rule with fear and ignorance.

At RedBluePurple we say ENOUGH.

We stand at a crossroad in time. The next steps we take will have a very real impact on what kind of world we leave for future generations.

A desire to “shake things up” and “reject the status quo” has now ushered in a very different future.The question is how will you respond. You can do nothing and accept whatever comes. You can join the new regime, and it’s world where facts don’t matter as much as loyalty to the leadership. Or you can join us and the rising voices of hope and optimism that is RedBluePurple. What kind of legacy do you want to be part of- one that divides and destroys or one that creates, rejoices, and advances peace, love and equality?

I ask you today to join us…reject the labels…reject fear and ignorance….reject hate. Embrace knowledge….embrace friendship….embrace love.

Our world is changing. You can pretend it’s not, but it is.