GOP Hypocrisy and DEM Invisibility

(This article has real facts AND qualified opinions.)

Still not even a full week into the Trump presidency and we’re being shown the full hypocrisy of the GOP is striking colors. We’re also feeling a collective absence of real dissent from nationally elected Democrats.

After spending years decrying the “imperialistic” executive orders of the Obama administration, GOP leaders are tripping over themselves with giddiness at Trump’s swift and endless pen strokes as he has signed at least a dozen EO’s of his own. Claiming that “it’s different because we like Trump’s decisions,” national GOP leaders like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell seem to not have any problems with the practice any more. HYPOCRITES ALL OF THEM. And let’s not forget how vocally opposed to Trump many of these elected idiots were in the campaign, but now seem more than ready to line up behind anything Trump says or does, even when the things he says are obvious lies and the things he does in direct opposition to the things Americans say they want and support.

AND WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS? Oh sure, there are plenty of us on the left, center-left, even in the center, who are raising alarms all over the place. Note the rise in support for progressive organizations, an uptick in citizen activity like contacting senators and congresspeople directly, or the creation of new progressive groups like this one. The people are plenty upset, and even local and state Democrats are standing tall against the rhetoric (TBD whether they follow through with action) but those walking the halls of Congress seem to be doing too little or not much at all. With few exceptions (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken) we’re not hearing much in the way of push back. Either the media isn’t reporting it due to an avalanche of Trump reporting or it isn’t happening- and skipping the inauguration isn’t much in the way of true resistance.

Our hope must lie with each other, and with those with some position of power or leadership who are brave enough to resist Trump excesses, like certain scientists or long time, bipartisan government bureaucrats.

WE must be the resistance. WE must not let elected officials roll over and abdicate to Trump. WE must be the change we need-locally and nationally.

We’re not even a full week in folks, and the new administration seeks to return us to a darker time, a more dangerous time. We need to work hard, work together, and be ready in 2018 to retake the Congress with elected officials who are bold progressives, who are responsive to people and not panderers, and who will fight back vocally and effectively.

You know what to do. Do it.

#GOPHypocrites  #WherearetheDems?  #resistance


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