Trump Week One: A Whirlwind In Motion

(This article is opinion, based on actual events. I offer no standard sourcing in this post, as you can easily find verifications online to the events relayed.)

The speed at which Donald Trump is proving to be a destroyer of convention and a tyrant against modern democracy has been breathtaking in his first full week in office. The unprecedented and often reckless speed at which he has derailed so many assumed normalities in both our political and social fabrics has left many with a figurative sense of whiplash as we try to determine which assault to defend first or which fire to throw water upon. Make no mistake though- this is a calibrated attack upon our senses designed to wear us down, divide our purpose, confuse our priorities and weaken our will.

Those of you who stand tall in defiance of this attack I have three words: Do not capitulate. We must fight every attack with solidarity and reason. We must douse every spark against the fabric of the honorable America we know to be alive, to be struggling to resist.

It has been heartening to hear cries of protest from all walks of life, even, yes, among those who voted this tyrant-pretender into power, as each new travesty is unveiled. It offers comfort to see en masse rebellions from this nation’s scientists who, when ordered to self censor (i.e. the Trump gag order) and withhold information from us, the people who own the information paid for with our tax dollars, have created “rogue” social media accounts to pour out their wealth of knowledge. It warms the spirit to see community groups sprout up, in real life and in the online world, to connect people to each other, to let us all know we are not alone. It brings solace to attend a protest march, a community town hall, a water cooler confessional. Know that you are not alone.

This is only the first week. We can expect the onslaught to continue. Team Trump will bombard us with alternative facts– LIES- and continue to insist they are true. Team Trump will distract  with mindless personal feuds on twitter to distract from obvious conflicts of interest related to EOs signed or policies pursued. Team Trump will belittle their opposers, trip over each others words to find cohesion, pursue obvious hypocrisies without an ounce of shame, and keep trying to convince you that it’s in your best interests to believe and follow their demands.

What can you do? For starters, keep doing what you are doing. Be there for each other and for those in your communities that need support. Your struggle is their struggle is our struggle. Now more than ever we need to combine forces against this foe. It is plain to see that Team Trump is eager to attack and delegitimize not only our LGBTQIA families…not just the immigrant population among us…not merely the sovereignty of women over their bodies and their inherent equality as human beings…but also our scientists, our intelligence agents, our career diplomats, our military and police, our allies and even our neighbors. We no longer have the luxury of standing for our own interests only. WE MUST STAND TOGETHER.

Secondly, talk to each other, share accurate information, dispel “alternate facts,” and spread the truth. Don’t hide from the lies. Shout them down with truth. Join the conversation so that more voices can define the truth.

Third, contact elected officials- federal and state Senators and congresspersons, local council members, mayors, school board officials, police chiefs and anyone elected to serve the people they represent. Call them, e-mail them, send a letter, or show up at their office. Tell them you will support their efforts to resist unethical and/or unconstitutional orders issued by Team Trump. And tell them you will not hesitate to see them lose their position if they choose to support the worst that Team Trump seeks to make normal.

What we are witnessing and being forced to confront may very well be the last gasps of fury from a generation that refused to follow their conscience in favor of greed, undeserved pride, and intransigent entitlement. No,not all of them, but enough to have molded a world in decline and a refusal to accept responsibility, let alone reality. The tide of social, economic, and political justice has been turning, and turning quickly. A new generation had taken the reins and for almost a decade the progress towards a more equal reality coupled with a recognition of fetidness at the heart of the ruling class proved what we know and feel- it is time to move forward in our evolution. Their time is over, and they struggle to cling to power. This too shall pass, but not without a fight and not without pain. For even as we can see this for what it is, and can continue to rebel at least to the point of not forgetting who we are and what we stand for, we can never assume that it will fade on its own, this rancid, distorted faux-democracy of Team Trump.We must force it to die through our dedication to truth and love and reason.

Together we can shape our future. Together we can put the past where it belongs- in the annals of history.

#redbluepurpleus #resisttrump #trumplies #togetherwewin #fightforjustice #equality



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