Let’s Talk About “Extreme Vetting”

Part of the basis for the Trump EO that places a 90 day ban on immigration from 7 predominantly Muslim nations and a 120 day ban of refugees from anywhere (but mostly Syria) is the notion that somehow actual terrorists are slipping through the process and getting into America. Supporters say this is no different than what Obama did. That’s not true and also not the point of this article, but you can see the main differences here. And current justifications put forth by Trump staff are equally false, specifically the so called Bowling Green Massacre that is both spewed as fact by Kellyanne Conway and thoroughly debunked by reality.

The reality is simple- we already have a very extensive vetting process in place and it is working to prevent known terrorists from entering the country. It is rigorous. It takes up to 2 years. It’s applied to every person seeking to immigrate here as a refugee from the Middle East, including children. Ask the experts who’ve used it. Ask the people who’ve gone through it. But don’t ask Team Trump, because apparently they don’t know much about it.

In fact, many experts who have actually spent many years learning and understanding  international relations and foreign cultures are saying that the ban and insistence on even “more extreme vetting” will make America less safe, make American travelers less safe, and endanger civilians around the world seeking safety from war torn nations.

But let’s just forget all of that for a minute or three and listen to this report from NPR.


So to recap (and to spell out for those who didn’t bother to listen to the audio), Team Trump wants to add layers of ideological questioning and social media scrubbing to the already vigorous vetting process. This might even make sense except for the types of questions that are being tossed about are some that would clearly negate some of our homegrown citizens from staying in this country too.

Questions about how one feels about freedom of speech (which presidential advisor Bannon and mouthpiece Spicer seem to have trouble with); questions about how one feels about freedom of religion (so long as it is Christian); questions about discrimination towards the LGBTQ commnuity and women’s rights (which Trump is planning to legally protect); and claims that we need to determine somehow if people will become radicalized after getting into America- as if our current elected republicans, racist groups and homegrown killers aren’t already radical enough.

Any number of current American citizens would fail a similar vetting process so it’s ludicrous to assume this has anything to do with actually making Americans safer and is really just a thinly veiled plan to discriminate against non-white, non-christian, non-conservative people who at the end of the day just want to live a life in safety.

What we’ve been doing works. It does. Are we 100% secure? No. Will we ever be? Probably not. Does that mean we lose the values that makes America a beacon of freedom in the world? No.

The solution is not “more extreme vetting” so much as creating a world of understanding where we can, cooperation where we can, and yes, the will and rational strategies to defeat ideologies of hate and destruction. Like ISIS. And like the current incarnation of Trump’s GOP.

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