Trump Fatigue? It’s Only Been 2 Weeks. Stay Strong

We are at the very beginning of what will be a long haul and already people are experiencing fatigue and needing a break. Already people of good spirit and intentions are crying “Enough!” This whirlwind assault on our senses and sensibilities is designed to make you quit, to disengage, to curl up and hide.

OK, fine. Take a break. But don’t quit or disappear.

Because they won’t stop.

And everyone one of us who steps away from the fight is another win for Team Trump, the destructive forces within the GOP, the intransigence of the Democrats and the haters of truth and liberty.

This battle is just beginning and they are winning the early fights. Don’t let them win the war for the heart and soul of America.

#dontgiveupalready  #resist  #standtall  #redbluepurpleus


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