Action Item: Subtle Subversion

Last week President Snowflake signed an executive order (EO) requiring federal agencies to cut two existing regulations for every new regulation they implement.  On it’s face this doesn’t seem too controversial. There may well be too many overlapping rules in our federal agencies. Of course, Team Trump isn’t doing this with an eye to delete overlap, but rather to strip out regulations that are already working, are in place for a purpose, and protect us all from the excesses of crony capitalism and the worst traits of corporate greed.

Anyhow, this idea of deleting two regulations for every new one enacted got me thinking about another way we can all resist Team Trump: Subtle Subversion.

I talked about this at length in yesterday’s post. But I want to add this idea today: for every terrible decision or EO coming out of Team trump, we can combat them with two acts of subtle subversion. For instance…..

When they enact of advance orders to debase our environment we group up to pick up trash or clean up a streambed in our area.

When they remove funding for the arts we fill out towns with free art shows and support local artisans.

When they discriminate against our friends and neighbors we send letters of love to their followers and offices.

You get the idea. Subtle subversions we can all engage in, as groups, as individuals. Small acts of kindness and caring, good works and good words. Spread the message of joy and peace and power against their dark agenda.

Subtle subversions. Two for one. Join me!

#subtlesubversions  #resistance  #powerthroughpeace  #redbluepurpleus



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