My Protest Isn’t Just About Trump (Or Even Mostly About Trump)

I don’t oppose Trump and the GOP simply to oppose them or because I can’t accept a so-called conservative government. I oppose them precisely because they are NOT a conservative government, nor are most of them actually fit to hold office based on their behavior, currently and over the last 8+ years. I oppose our dire, deep lack of leadership and statesmanship and the direction of our politics.

I do oppose Trump for many reasons- he is a proven fraud and lackluster businessman whose only interest is his own net worth and ego. He tells obvious lies about inconsequential things as well as about important things. He has a low desire for understanding and learning, he promotes racist ideologies through his associations, he acts like a bully and he is thin skinned. He is devoid of policy solutions that are original or that do anything address our complex world. He is backwards acting and thinking. In short, he was barely qualified to be a TV reality star and definitely is not qualified to lead our country.

Still, if it were just Trump doddering around the White House, acting like a buffoon but unable to cause much turmoil, I’d manage through the next 4 years. We all would.

Now add in the party of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and their merry band of demagogues and the swamp that is Washington DC really starts to stink like a dead skunk inside the carcass of a shark in the middle of a pile of rotting produce in a landfill.

These are the people who refused to do their job and stonewalled every legislative action they could during the Obama presidency. These are the people who lie to the media, avoid constituents, legislate only to support the corporate benefactors and richest 1% of the citizens in this country. These are the people who call liberals snowflakes while condemning the slightest critique directed their way. These are the people who would turn American into a theology based on Christianity in one breath while demonizing foreign states who would do the same with their own religion. They are hypocrites, liars, shills, and fools and they have no sense of either leadership or public service.

Yes, there have been Democrats who have embodied these same traits over the years, but they have never personified an entire political party such as the GOP is personified by these anti-leaders today. And this includes many local and state GOP politicians as well.

So I complain, loudly, and I protest, vigorously.

I do not have sour grapes about an election lost. I have sour grapes about entire swaths of America being told they don’t matter. I have sour grapes over a gerrymandered political map that is neither rational or fair unless fixing elections is your only concern. I have sour grapes over taxes benefitting billionaire corporations while children go hungry and homeless and veterans can’t get doctors appointments or care. I have many more sour grapes to hurl at today’s GOP and to any Democrats who cower from the fight at hand.

I’d much rather talk about policy and solutions instead of having to continue point out the bald faced lies and hypocrisy from those currently wielding power. I’d prefer to hear actual debates on ideas  with respect and decorum instead of seeing the country get further divided by the rhetoric of these clowns simply so they can hold power. But I know this- they will fail their followers, they will fail us all, and the pieces will be picked up and put back together by real leaders who are now blooming in the wings.

I’m not a paid protester. I’m not a member of any political party. I’m not a lobbyist. I’m simply an American citizen with progressive social views, respect for science and facts, and a moderate sense of fiscal responsibility.

#whyIprotest #GOPtravesty #redbluepurpleus #resistanceispatriotic


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