Congressman Issa’s Health Care Plan: Not As Good As He Claims It Is


Maybe you’ve heard about Congressman Darrell Issa’s “plan” to repeal and replace the ACA. He insists it’s a better plan for people and calls it “the same plan that Federal Employees” have. That’s not exactly the truth though. Here are the main provisions of the plan (paraphrased):

1) If passed it allows a 2 year transition period to phase out the ACA and for this plan to begin.
2) Many people would not be eligible, including, people covered under certain chapters of Social Security (both state and federal exclusions), members of the military, and people covered by “other plans determined (at some point) to not qualify.”
3) No government subsidies for participants who are not federal employees.
4) Employers have the option to offer subsidies at will.
5) Claims to put new members of the plan in the same risk pool as current members.
6) No lifetime or annual limits EXCEPT on specific benefits that could be allowed by current or subsequent law.
7) Does not require medical providers to participate or agree to any specific fee structures.
8) Allows people to remain on parent plan up to age 26.
9) Includes coverage for dental and vision.
10) Appears to allow some mechanism to deduct premiums but is very murky and unclear.

Items 2 and 6 leave open the door to deny participation and/or coverage at the whim on Congressional action.

Item 3 is the part that makes this unlike the current Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan which IS subsidized up to 70% for federal employees. This likely makes the premiums as high as they are now for regular people, even being in the same risk pool. It also keeps the profit model of health care at the forefront which is the biggest single cause of out of control costs.

Item 7 leaves open the door for providers to opt out, like many do with Medicaid currently and does nothing to retain spiraling costs.


I will agree that parts of this plan seem reasonable and good. Parts seems like the same old trick of promising something great while delivering something much less so.

Check out the plan in detail for yourself and see what you think.

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One thought on “Congressman Issa’s Health Care Plan: Not As Good As He Claims It Is

  1. Also, the Federal Government pays almost 75% of costs for current employees. Point # 3 above says that government will not pay for non federal employees (everyone on ACA now) How would this be affordable or even work? It won’t.


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