(photo borrowed from North County LGBTQ Resource Center in San Diego County)

It becomes more clear each day how the Trump administration’s campaign claims to “stand up for all Americans” and “give government back to the people” and “drain the swamp that is DC” were exactly the hollow lies all his detractors said they were.

The elected GOP has long since morphed from an actual conservative party into the party of cowards, complainers, bigots and haters whose only concern is to enrich themselves and their corporate benefactors while driving social issue wedges into their base of followers. Whether there are still rational republican party members and voters outside the beltway and statehouses remains to be seen, but with each action by Team Trump and the McConnell/Ryan cabal that demolishes American values of truth, justice, equality and integrity, I’d expect to be hearing more clamor from voters on the right about how they don’t agree with the path being taken. Their silence is deafening and firms up the impression that Trump voters really are all the awful things we said they were days after the election. Still, I’m open to their defection from the abyss, provided it’s rooted in solid understanding of the damage they have enabled.

Each day brings forth evidence of a political machinery bent on destruction, both of people’s lives and of our democratic traditions. Those who support President Snowflake merely say he’s doing what he promised to do. Pardon me if this isn’t a comfort to the rational among us in America who never agreed with his campaign promises to begin with. It’s one thing to spew hate, quite another to act upon it.


(infographic borrowed from the internet)

This week, the administration took off any semblance of the mask they had been wearing with attacks against the LGBTQIA community, targeting the most vulnerable, transgender children. The Department of Justice, led by racist, misogynist, not-fit-to-breathe-air Jeff Sessions gleefully rolled back guidelines handed down by the Obama administration that used clear language to protect the rights of trans youth in schools. Yes, it’s the whole bathroom non-issue created by ultra-religious southern lawmakers who decided they needed another wedge issue to divide voters. With no evidence to back them up, they began an effort to demonize transgender people as sexual predators and used the bathroom as a way to target them. Never mind that there is ZERO evidence of any transgender person anywhere committing assaults on people in bathrooms.


There is PLENTY of evidence to show that white males are by far more dangerous individuals when it comes to sexual assault but the GOP doesn’t live in reality. Never mind that transgender youth face more bullying, abuse, and suicide than other youth. Never mind that  discrimination is against the law, is against morality, is against religious tenets (if you actually believe in religion)….with the stroke of a pen these odious people are telling their odious supporters that these kids don’t matter.

The DOJ and DOE under Trump are claiming that the Obama guidelines and directives were not based on need or law or some other excuse. They claim that Title IX still demands schools protect kids from danger on campus. They pretend that the states should get to decide whether or not to actually act treat transgender people as human beings. Some states will stand tall and fight back, protecting our youth. Others, sadly, will not.


Well, here’s a big fat FUCK YOU to all of them. Any one transgender kid is more valuable to the world than the entire GOP contingent, including all those who line up behind this directive.

And yes, I am biased because I have a transgender youth in my family. But you know what? I’d be biased anyway because I’m a human being with morality and decency and compassion.

This is just the latest in a line of horrendous actions taken in the first month by this administration. They’ve assaulted the environment several times, attacked refugees and immigrants on multiple occasions, alienated our allies at every opportunity, gutted consumer protections, bullied private industry….all while spewing forth lie after lie after lie. If they want to fight, they’ll get one.

For those still standing on the sidelines, watching and pretending things aren’t so bad because they aren’t in the crosshairs today, your time to stand up and show your decency is running out.

What can you do? As parents we need to stand by our kids. For the rest of us, here you go- first, send money to the ACLU because they are already fighting for our kids and they will continue to need our help. (I will be doubling my annual donation!) Second, find your local LGBTQIA groups and offer them support- volunteer, donate, advocate. Third, contact your local, state, and federal elected officials and let them know this is wrong and you will not stand by as they destroy lives. And finally, don’t sit idly by when you hear or see discrimination in action. Be the difference. Make a stand. Save a life.

#standwithtransyouth  #saynotoGOPhatred #bigotryisntamerican #redbluepurpleus



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