What the GOP Healthcare Plan Really Does


These are just the worst parts of the bill, but they are throwing a bone by claiming to allow dependents to remain on plans up to age 26 and allowing coverage for pre-existing conditions. THIS IS ONE THING THEY WILL FOCUS ON.

But the pre-existing condition clause won’t stop insurers from charging you more for coverage, and if you experience a lapse in insurance they can charge even more to write new policy-up to a 30% increase!

The plan also strips funding assistance from any plan that does offer coverages for abortion services regardless of whether that option in selected in your coverage. So not only can you NOT get access to family planning services at  a cost effective provider, you also WON’T have effective abortions services OR guarantee to maternity coverage with the plan.

There is no requirement to actually have insurance any more for individuals, nor will employers receive a mandate to offer coverage. This means higher premiums for all since we won’t have a healthy pool to help bear the costs for the extremely ill.

Preventive care – the thing we use to keep problems from getting out of hand- will no longer be offered at no cost, so millions will forego healthy check up visits.

All the special taxes on upper income earners, designed to help subsidize the ACA will be repealed too, a HUGE TAX BOON to the wealthy while poor kids will go without care.

If this bill becomes law we can expect more bankruptcies due to medical catastrophes, more people without coverage, and likely a decimated health care industry altogether.

I’ve actually reviewed the bill, well except for all the legal jargon (of which there is a lot) and this isn’t the FANTASTIC PLAN we’ve all been told to expect. In fact, it’s hard to see much good in here at all unless you’re a rich person or someone who will never ever need a doctor. You can read it here too.

The bill may well pass through the house but we can stop it in the Senate. Make the calls, write the letters, sign the email petitions. We know the ACA isn’t perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better than this. Still, we need to block this bill and then fight for single payer health care. You know what to do…..go do it!

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