Contributors Guide

We’re in for a rough and interesting ride folks, and we’re also reaching a tipping point on several fronts. Our country is divided on many things but we actually believe that when you strip away the hyperbole and shed some of the hostility that accompanies it most of us want similar things out of life and out of our government.

RedBlue Purple is our way of saying, “Let’s talk TO each other instead of AT each other and find real solutions.”

We’ve established a platform online that can grow and expand that includes written material, video content, audio content and other social media points to reach people wherever they might go online and to offer information in the format that they prefer. is the home of everything. This is a WordPress Blog with links to all the other elements mentioned above. will be where all written content resides for people to post and read and comment. There are also links out to our Vimeo, YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites.


Blog posts: This is where new written posts, policy proposals, action items, and advocacy pieces will live. Any written item posted as a “Post” will get re-posted/linked back to the Facebook and Twitter pages by default. But there are also share buttons that can be activated by readers to share our content with their viewers.

Twitter: In addition to picking up the posted material by default, Twitter will be a place for instant reactions to current events.


There are two channels for video- Vimeo and YouTube.  Vimeo is for longer format video content and YouTube is for shorter format video content. Longer format content would probably be along the lines of explanatory think pieces and policy proposals. Shorter format video would be more reactionary to current events. From a production quality standpoint, think of Vimeo as more produced content and YouTube as more off the cuff content.


The Look page is visual in nature, whether that is photo essay material or thoughtful meme content or original art creation or even cartoon content.

The Instagram page can also host similar content but won’t have direct links to the blog material. Repeat posting between the two elements is fine.


Whether stripped audio tracks from the video posts or original audio material, the LISTEN page links to audio posted to the Soundcloud account.


Primarily a mode of exposure, posts will automatically be added to the FB feed, but additional content, such as links to outside content, can also be added to this stream.


We hope to keep this simple and clean while being inviting to a wide range of individuals. There aren’t a lot of rules but there are a few….

1) Contributors must post using their real name. Commenters should also use real names. We understand some people may have reservations with this rule but we believe one of the worst elements of the internet is the way people behave when they feel they have anonymity. If you believe in your message you should stand behind it publicly. We also believe that people connect to other people who they know are real. Trust starts with an introduction.

2) No advertising. Never. We’re not interested in monetizing this effort in any traditional way and RedBluePurple is not a non-profit organization at this time. While we’re happy to accept donations to upgrade site options as needed, this is meant to be a true grassroots organization.

3) All approved contributors will have access to whichever media format site they choose to contribute on. All links in blog posts or pages (video, audio, or other) must be set to open in a new window when publishing.

4) No personal attacks against or between contributors or commenters will be allowed. RedBluePurple is about breaking down walls, not building them higher. Spirited debate is fine…name calling is not. Cursing is ok in context…belittling others is not. In short, both contributors and commenters will be held to a standard of respectful collaboration.

5) Facts vs. opinions: both facts and opinions are acceptable but should be presented as such. This is not going to be a “post-truth” organization, nor will it become a propaganda machine in the common sense. “Fair and Balanced” is not our mantra though so there is no need to give equal weight to information that is false or twisted.

6) Membership is free.

That’s about it. We’re hoping to have you join me in this effort in whatever way you can, as a content administrator or moderator, as a contributor, as a commenter, or in ways as yet unknown. Let’s make a real difference…together!