About RedBluePurple

What Is RedBluePurple?

RedBluePurple is an organization dedicated to finding common ground in public policy to help connect people to reality based solutions to solve the serious issues of the day for the maximum benefit of society as a whole.

Who Is RedBluePurple?

We are everyone who seeks peaceful resolutions to complex problems. We are all races, all genders, all walks of life. We are geographically diverse, with varying faith traditions, spanning educational divides and economic realities. We are you. You are us.

Why Is RedBluePurple important?

American politics are a shambles. Partisan divide and demonization have turned our political conversations and government into a race to the bottom with only the wealthy, the corporations, and the current political class finding any relief or satisfaction.

Public media has lost its way as an arbiter of truth and honest information.

RedBluePurple seeks to change this reality by:

(1) connecting people with common goals, information and language

(2) dismantling the stranglehold the major political parties have on open and effective political discourse, solution making and governance

(3) ending societal divisions based on stereotyping and false impressions that we are too different to work together

(4) providing sensible, agreeable, achievable solutions to our problems

How is RedBluePurple planning to achieve these  goals?

Through communication, sharing information, connecting people, and targeted activism, RedBluePurple hopes to separate people from their labels-both self imposed and otherwise-to show that we are all truly in this together. With a combination of video messaging, written evidence and explanation, and other audio, visual and social mediums, we seek to spread our message wide, engage many numbers of people, and create a force of compassionate, common sense determinism that will compete effectively against the current political establishment through the power of our members.

How can I join RedBluePurple?

You just did. By listening, learning, participating, sharing and/or telling your stories you become part of RedBluePurple. Follow us, share our messages, tell other people. Membership is free.

What are the values and principals of RedBluePurple?

Our values are simple- we speak to empirical truth where it exists; we value honesty over trickery;  we hold that all people are equal regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, economic reality or faith tradition; we denounce hate, bigotry, ignorance, war and false knowledge wherever it exists; we work for peace and prosperity for all.

Can I contribute, share, organize, or otherwise help RedBluePurple grow?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s vital that you do. This can be done organically on your own or through direct cooperation with us. Ask for more specific information as it applies to your situation.

We have just a few rules to remember:

(1) Please use your real name when contributing or commenting. We are here to build trust, not hide behind a keyboard.

(2) Be respectful and polite. No personal attacks against/between contributors or commenters shall be allowed. RedBluePurple is about breaking down walls, not building them higher. Spirited debate is fine…name calling is not. Cursing is ok in context…belittling others is not. In short, both contributors and commenters will be held to a standard of respectful collaboration.

(3) Facts vs. opinions: both facts and opinions are acceptable but should be presented as such. This is not going to be a “post-truth” organization, nor will it become a propaganda machine in the common sense. “Fair and Balanced” is not our mantra though so there is no need to give equal weight to information that is false or twisted.

Who pays for RedBluePurple to operate?

At our beginning we are self funded by a small group of individuals. We are not an officially recognized non-profit organization or any other special designation with regards to donations. We may seek official designation as we grow. For now, our costs are minimal and you are our main focus. You can help us out by participating, sharing information and content with and for us, and by spreading the word.