Make A Stand

How can you make a difference?

Participate in our conversations and goals and tell others about

Random Acts of Kindness.….a helping hand to a neighbor, a smile to a child, a civil conversation with someone who looks at the world differently. All these things create a better world. And for many, these simple acts of kindness and compassion are all you have to offer.

When you see someone being targeted for being “different” learn to stop violence, harassment or discrimination with a plan of action. Be determined to stand up for what is right- equality, justice, peace and love.

Some people have more to give…..more time, more money, talents or skills…..find a charity or organization to support and donate your time or money. A little makes a difference.

Go even bigger and create conversation clubs, get people to meet and talk about issues and find agreement with solutions. Contact elected officials or become one.

Educate yourself and combat false information everywhere you find it.