Who We Are

Ken Grandlund

It’s simple really. I believe in human equality, peace, dignity, and respect. I am progressive on social issues but I believe in fiscal common sense. I favor global cooperation while respecting national sovereignty. I believe that political parties are dividers that hide the truth while empowering the wealthy and ruthless.

Professionally, I’ve spent the last 25+ years as an award winning communicator- radio, television, print, internet, theater….this is what I do. At heart I am a writer and a thinker, with the goal of bringing people together to find solutions to common problems.

I’m not religious, yet I’m an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church in California whose main dogma is simply “Do only that which is right.” I became an ordained minister to help others and primarily provide wedding services and counseling upon request.

I volunteer with Special Olympics as a coach, I work with LGBTQ equality organizations, I’ve been a PTA president, president of a homeowners association, and a volunteer for various non-profits that work with children.